High & Hungry - Honeybird


Yes, even through the COVID-19 global pandemic the boys are still reviewing food but under precautions of course. They try out a local Nashville-inspired chicken restaurant called Honeybird. Their menu is something to really look out due to certain times of the day. They have items such as the class chicken sandwich (mild or hot), chicken plates with comfort food sides and the infamous chicken n' waffles. See how the boys educate as to how one should order their food and if you're like having a beer, there's a beer that's perfect to pair for a meal such as theirs.

Beer - Alvarado Street Brewery's Hopres Ski Double IPA
Available at Craft Beer Kings! https://www.craftbeerkings.com
B-Real - Executive Producer http://instagram.com/breal
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Aaron Diaz - Sound Editing http://instragram.com/aron.sound
Bass Money Beats - Music http://instagram.com/samnerd
Ray Salazar - Camera/Edit http://morningshotfilms.com
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